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The Game-Changing
Sandbag Program

Dust off the bags.  It’s time to ensure you never lose a Sandbag workout…like ever.

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A sandbag centric program designed for the
ultimate functional athletes

What is Grit & Grain?

Labeled as “Sandbag Centric” this means every workout will have a Sandbag piece to it while still testing and using all the functional fitness movements you know … and dare I say Love?


You can expect common movements done with Barbells, Dumbbells, and Kettlebells to be subbed instead with a Sandbag.


This Program is a PERFECT ADD-ON to your current full program so you can easily do both! BUT now you’re going to start slaying sandbag workouts in the near future.


What about the name?? … Get it? Grain …sand. Sandbags…🤯



PRICING: $25 per month

Got Grit? Got Sand?

Go from Zero to Hero in any Sandbag workout


Be Sure to tag #GritAndGrain

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