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Ready to take your training for Tactical Games seriously?

Here is the training structure I myself, and the team on #GritTactical have used to sharpen every tool in the tool box for you to show up to the tactical games and actually compete. Let’s be straight, no one likes being underprepared and not performing well.

If you signed up for a Tactical Games comp, and you haven’t been putting in the time you need to in order to show up and be competitive, I am going to walk you step by step through the most effective training cycles that work at the highest level. From fitness, to dry firing, all the way to when and what to do on range days.

The thing is…I love the Tactical Games. It’s like CrossFit when it was grassroots. Everyone is there to help each other out and improve. But, with this being such a new sport, good content that will get you actual results is impossible to find.

Literally impossible.

So I documented what I do, taking my experience from firearms training and my experience from being a CrossFit Games athlete to get you ready for the competition the TTG throws your way.

With all of that being said..

I’d like to introduce you to our Grit Daily programming.

In this program, we walk you through everything you’ll need to know to be performing at the highest level. Where you will be actually competing for a podium spot in your division and having so much confidence in your skills you will have the best TTG experience to date! From sandbags to dry firing to farmer carries. This is meant for anyone with any skill level, whether you’re a beginner or have some experience competing.

You’ll get access to an app where workouts and drills will be programmed for you based on your fitness and skill level.

Here are some things our athletes have to say about the programming…

I’ve been an athlete my entire life; football, baseball, wrestling, martial arts, multi sport, and D1 track in college.  Nothing has increased my strength and fitness as fast as the Grit Tactical workouts.  They are extremely challenging, but not unattainable, and the layout makes it easy to make gains in both strength and fitness rapidly.  The dry fire and live fire workouts are excellent for beginner and experienced shooters and will definitely translate to better shooting performance in the Tactical Games or just on range day.  I can’t recommend the Grit Tactical program enough. – Jason


Joining Grit Tactical has been such a refreshing and rewarding change to my own training. The community is awesome and Jacob is always available to answer any questions and give guidance – especially helpful for someone completely new to the sport like I am! – Christo


So you’re probably wondering how much this costs. Access to me, all of the content inside and being a part of an amazing community is just $49/month.


You can either keep trying to train on your own, wasting time and money. Or you can join us and the Grit family for $49/month to get your fitness and firearm skills up to where you are showing up to events ready to win.

The choice is yours and I hope to see you on the inside.

Jacob Heppner


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