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This You? – “I really wish they don’t program sandbags for this event…” – Then this program was made for you. Nuff said.

Sandbags are one of the biggest delineators between athletes from what I’ve seen. Its that one piece of equipment that either strikes fear or excites you, and its all dependent upon how much you’ve trained.

So…are you tired of it striking fear in you?

Tired of staring at the bag mid event and wishing you had worked on it more?

I’d like to introduce you to the 8 Week Sandbag Strength & Efficiency Cycle

This 2 month program is specifically focused on getting you stronger and more prepared to crush sandbags – whether it’s over the yoke, stress carries, squats, etc etc doesn’t matter…

What can you expect? Five days a week you can expect the following:

  • Daily Dry Fire
  • Strength pieces tailored to get you stronger for sandbags
  • Metabolic pieces focused on getting you more comfortable with sandbags
  • Weekly Mock Competition workouts and Live Fire Drills

For a one time cost of $75 you’ll get access to two full months of programming and at the end you’ll be saying…

Whether you are a beginner or veteran at this, this is a great opportunity to sharpen your skills.

“I can’t wait for them to program sandbags”

Are you ready for that to be you?

Jacob Heppner


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